The single use In2Bones® solution guarantees an always sterile, complete and ready for use equipment.

Our single-use instrumentation solves the majority of the inconveniences inherent to the traditional systems. The surgeon, the medical teams, the hospital or even the patient, each benefits from advantages of this innovative approach in terms of safety and efficiency.

The In2Bones® single use instrumentation is in recyclable polymer.  It has been specially created for single use, at the same time ensuring continuity of efficiency and ease of use for the practitioner. The design of the instruments ensures the precision of the gesture and robustness in dealing with the associated torsion efforts. 

Surgical effectiveness
Always new and complete instruments guarantee constant performance to the pratician.

Optimization of O.R. planning
Immediate availability of instruments sets improves OR turnaround.

Sterilization savings
Pre-op and post op costs as well as risks of sterilization delays are limited.

Perfect traceability
Instruments are traced like implants offering a safer opportunity for the hospital and for patients.

Optimization of consignment management
Restocking of instruments sets is handled in mirror of the used implants.

Staff & Patient safety
The use of single-use instruments reduces the risks of incidents and cross-contaminations.

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